Villageworks is planned, developed, and managed by New Habitat Partners LLC of West Acton.  We are a locally-owned small business that appreciates personal relationships and values local investment.  We are committed to helping build a healthy, diverse, interesting, alive, and sustainable community where independent businesses grow and thrive. 

Our decision-making is guided by the following goals:

  1. Support the growth of independent businesses and the personal relationships that develop a strong, synergistic local economy.
  2. Help create a vibrant, walkable community center for Acton, neighboring towns, and the surrounding region that brings people and ideas together.
  3. Respect and respond to the natural, historical, and built contexts of the surrounding environment. 
  4. Minimize energy consumption and maximize on-site renewable energy production for our buildings and the businesses that occupy them.
  5. Invest in beautiful, healthy, high-quality space that makes tenants want to stay and patrons want to return.
  6. Demonstrate the market demand and viability of unique, environmentally sensitive, and locally-focused commercial development.

We hope these values are expressed through the buildings, environment, and people that comprise Villageworks.  We invite you to take part in our community and "find your center".